Friday, February 24, 2017

What is Pixhug?

You’ve probably been wondering: what exactly is Pixhug, who created it and why? Here it is:
   “Pixhug is a social change platform that connects social media with social responsibility. It gives photos and ‘likes’ meaning by turning 'likes' into corporate donations for good causes.”
Imagine a photo-sharing platform like Instagram, but for every photo you post, you can choose a charitable campaign to donate all your likes to. Every like is worth 10 cents, and the money is donated by corporate sponsors (companies).  It’s fully integrated with Facebook, so all posts are shared to Facebook automatically (don’t worry, you can choose your privacy settings) and all likes are counted and converted to dollars in your Pixhug account. You always have an overview of how many likes you have in total, and how many $$$ you’ve raised. It’s simple, motivating, satisfying, and I absolutely love it.
Pixhug gives everybody the tool and the power to create positive change by simply sharing and/or liking photos. It eliminates the need for a credit card and personal donations, and lets us help in a different way. Since no money is required and we all take photos and use social media anyway, there is no excuse not to do your part for the betterment of the world.

Pixhug iOS App looks very attractive, simple to use and familiar

Why do companies donate money for your likes?
The sponsor and charity are always promoted with photos. Sponsors get awareness and publicity for their donations (in a way that’s much more authentic than classic ads, as well as less annoying), and charities get awareness for their cause and raise much needed funds. Everybody wins.

The slogan makes even more sense now, doesn’t it?
If you're an iOS user, go to the AppStore and download the Pixhug Media App (App name: Pixhug) here: 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

United in Hope

It's 2017, and I am as confused as ever. As a child, the future was synonymous with growth and prosperity. I was told that the future was the catalyst for Change. Change in technology, business, and overall humanity. 

Over the last couple of years, I witnessed change with my own eyes. I served as a witness to the greatest leap in social change since the civil rights movement. Being part of a universal acceptance of global warming. I had grown to feel confident that we as global citizens were on the road to overall good. I do say with disclaimer, that this blog is not meant to be political, or lean to any particular political party. 

That being said, I find it impossible to ignore that the road we are now on is taking us backwards. I feel that we have lost that thirst to push forward and better the world around us for future generations. I will not lose hope though. The reason for my continued optimism in a time that seems very bleak is that this new reality has inspired a global unity I have not seen in my lifetime. We have found our voice, and there are organizations out there that have a megaphone so your voice can be heard.

Pixhug Media Inc. is one of those organizations. Their positivity and continued aspirations for change and to create good for our world has served as an inspiration for me to keep going. Incredible how a simple social app can affect my mindset through everyday life. The charities Pixhug showcases need our thirst to make the world better… The sponsors that support the charities need us to go out and not only raise awareness, but inspire as many people as possible to follow on the same path. Pixhug came exactly when we needed it. They have given us the tools and platform to continue to inspire change…and we cannot fail them! 

So go ahead and download the Pixhug app on the App Store and get your megaphone! I promise you it’s going to spread farther and be heard louder than ever.